Our Vision

“I was completely broken and drowning in shame. My future looked hopeless. All I could focus on was how to get my drugs for one more day. I didn’t see a way out.  Desperately I cried out for help to a God I didn’t know. I knew He heard me because he led me to Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota. At first, I thought I had made a mistake. I struggled greatly, but God showed me a sobering glimpse of what my life would continue to be like if I didn’t change. Since then, He has been Lord of my life. When people ask about my future, I tell them I’m excited about life and filled with hope.” -Jill, Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota Graduate

Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota offers professional, Christ-centered recovery principles for complete freedom from life-controlling drug and alcohol problems.

Our long-term residential program is completely voluntary and dedicated to seeing students experience the love of Jesus expressed by our staff, through our curriculum and in our every day practices.