June 11, 2019

Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota Apparel

Introducing new Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota Clothing by Rightside Up Apparel

Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota and Rightside Up Apparel have teamed up to bring you custom designed shirts with our Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota logo on the front and the Rightside Up logo on the back.  These shirts will be offered on the Rightside Up Apparel website to purchase now. 100% of the profits from the sale of these unique shirts come directly back to Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota.

Rightside Up Apparel is a faith-based company grounded in faith, hope and love.  Their distinctive “R” and“BSITL” touchpoint, which stands for “Be Strong in the Lord,” both have significant meaning to the founders of the company.  

“We all have a lifestory and it doesn’t matter where we’ve been. It’s where we are going that counts. Our apparel is a reminder that you have the power to live life the best you can and make positive life choices.”

Also, unique to their “BSITL” touchpoint is the ability to download the Rightside Up Apparel App in the App Store or Google Play to your cell phone.  The app is activated by scanning the “BSITL” touchpoint.   A motivational/inspirational short message will appear anytime, anywhere.

Thank you Rightside Up Apparel!

“Be Strong in theLord and live life Rightside Up.”

Purchase your shirt today!

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