Your Support is Key

Support from our funders and donors is Vital

1. Support allows NDTC to hire qualified staff, counselors, and leaders to care for the students. 

It provides for a 12 month stay without any cost to the student or their families.  Operating expenses and programming needs are also necessary responsibilities of the organization.  Support and funding allow us to not only maintain, but to expand our Re-entry options, thus reaching more people.

2. Adequate funding will help ensure student success stays paramount in our facility.  

More programming and other options can be provided.  More staff can be hired to meet the needs of the 125+ approved applicants on our waiting list.

3. An individual’s success at NDTC is a success within their family, community and ultimately at the state level. 

 Healthy people are more productive and participatory citizens.  Other benefits to the community include trained, local leadership reaching out to those in addiction with the right tools, best practices, and resources.  Concerned friends and family members are encouraged as they see their loved one restored.  Graduates find freedom from drug use, enjoy healthy relationships with their loved ones, and become contributing members of society.  Students also have the opportunity to discover life transforming hope, strength, and purpose through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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