Our Approach


North Dakota Teen Challenge is a 12-month residential program, comprised of four graduated levels of recovery and learning. Our approach to recovery is the process of Christ-centered discipleship.

Programming consists of group education classes, daily individual work addressing substance abuse, bi-monthly one-on-one counseling, and daily chapel. Students also participate in a daily work-study activity designed to promote a dedicated work ethic, volunteering their services for other non-profit organizations in the community and giving back to North Dakota Teen Challenge in a variety of ways.

Through personal growth and community involvement, we believe that students learn how to make not only external changes in behavior, but internal transformation to ensure true healing from the bondage of substance abuse.

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North Dakota Teen Challenge is a faith-based residential recovery program for people battling with drug and alcohol problems. Adults, ages 18 and over, from every ethnic, socio-economic, and religious background are welcomed with open arms as they embark on their new life.