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Program FAQ

Q. How many phone calls can I make a week?
A. There are different amounts of times allotted for students in the program depending on their level.
Level 1: 2-10 minutes, Level 2: 3-15 minutes, Level 3: 4-20 minutes, Level 4: 5-20 minutes.
All days of the week are available to make phone calls. 

Q. Can I Smoke? Can I wear a Nicorette patch?
A. No to both. Teen Challenge is a tobacco free program on and off site.

Q. Can I call my girlfriend/boyfriend?
A. No contact with single males for women or single females for men (unless it’s a family member.)

Q. How do passes and visits work?
A. Students are not eligible to leave the facility until after 60 days. The student will be granted passes depending on what level they are in. Regular visiting hours are every Saturday from 12-2.

Q. Can I bring secular music or burned CD’s?
A. No to Both.

Q. Communication between female and male students?
A. Not allowed.

Q. What about medication?
A. Look on page 6 of the student application.

Q. Mail procedure?
A. Students can only receive and send mail to people on their approved correspondence list. Students must buy their own stamps and envelopes.

North Dakota Teen Challenge is a faith-based residential recovery program for people battling with drug and alcohol problems. Adults, ages 18 and over, from every ethnic, socio-economic, and religious background are welcomed with open arms as they embark on their new life.