Our Program

(top) Students participate in a community service event. (bottom) Students in chapel.

Residential Life

Students enjoy dorm-like living encouraging camaraderie and the formation of deep and lasting friendships. While the community aspect may at times be challenging, especially at first, it ultimately strengthens students’ abilities to accept differences, resolve conflicts, and learn to live together in harmony.

During a typical weekday, a student will attend classes and chapel in the morning. The afternoons include participation in volunteer work study assignments, including tasks such as: helping in the kitchen or administrative offices, housekeeping, building maintenance, gardening, and helping at local businesses. Afternoons are also times for homework assignments and personal counseling, as well as recreational activities. In the evenings, many students enjoy working out in the gym, playing Xbox, reading and some limited phone time.

On Saturday afternoons, friends and family can come to visit. Once a student attains a certain level of progress in the program, off site visits are allowed.

On Sundays, the Teen Challenge choir enjoys traveling to churches around the state. The choir performs a number of upbeat songs and students share their stories of God’s healing and restoration in their lives. These church connections are a mutual blessing to both the congregation and the students! (Click here for more information on having the NDTC Choir come to your church.)


North Dakota Teen Challenge is a faith-based residential recovery program for people battling with drug and alcohol problems. Adults, ages 18 and over, from every ethnic, socio-economic, and religious background are welcomed with open arms as they embark on their new life.