Our Stories

God has set me free from the bondage of my old life.


In search of acceptance, I put myself on a pathway of destruction… My name is Bryan. I am 25 and I am from Ogden, Utah. I started using drugs at age 13. I came to North Dakota Teen Challenge because I needed a geographical change to replace the person I used to be. Since making that decision, God has done miraculous things and has set me free from the bondage of my old life.


I came from a good family, but in high school, I started partying a lot… My name is Laura, and I was living the life of most “normal” teenagers. But once I started to get into the wrong crowd, I continued a downward path until one day, I found myself sitting in jail awaiting transport to prison. That’s when I heard about Teen Challenge. Now I have a new relationship with God, a restored relationship with my parents, and a second chance to live a healthy and productive life.

North Dakota Teen Challenge is a faith-based residential recovery program for people battling with drug and alcohol problems. Adults, ages 18 and over, from every ethnic, socio-economic, and religious background are welcomed with open arms as they embark on their new life.